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Stock Option Plans e o seu impacto no Governo das Sociedades


Teresa Mira de Oliveira, write an article «Stock Option Plans e o seu impacto no Governo das Sociedades» published in Governance Lab. 

The use of Stock Option Plans as a part of employees’ remuneration and top management incentives or compensation, has grown increasingly over the last decade and became a key remuneration device. However, its impact and effectiveness have not always been clear or positive. 

This paper intends to ascertain whether or not the resort to this kind of remuneration scheme constitutes an efficient way to remunerate the labour industry of a Company, from a Corporate Governance point of view. On the other hand, we analyse by which means the discipline of Corporate Governance can, by itself, favour the use or implementation of this broad-equity based compensation.  

Find the complete article here.

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