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Rising Stars

Driven by Knowledge.

The Rising Stars service is specially designed to support start-ups in areas such as Tech, Gaming and Life Sciences.

The growth-share matrix (also known as Boston Box, BCG-matrix) is a chart used to help corporations analyzing their business units.

In this matrix, stars are units with a high market share in a fast-growing industry. Stars can turn into companies with a high market share in a slow-growing industry. The later typically generate cash more than the amount of cash needed to maintain the business. They are regarded as staid and boring in a "mature" market, yet corporations value owning them due to their cash-generating qualities.

Their profits are to be used continuously with as little investment as possible, since such investment would be wasted in an industry with low growth. Cash growth is used to fund new stars that are expected to become units with a high market share sometime in the future.

Nonetheless, Rising Stars need to be nurtured and accompanied from day 1 in order to achieve their full potential.

For SÉRVULO, start-up companies are Rising Stars.

SÉRVULO believes that strong legal advice from the beginning can help make a difference in terms of future growth and materialization of a Rising Star and developed a specific service to assist Rising Stars in their complex evolution, with particular focus on the following sectors of activity:

FINTECH: Fintech, Regtech, Suptech, Insurtech, Crowdfunding, Crowdlending, Proptech.

HEALTH TECH: Diagnostics, Monitoring, Patients Support, Home Care, Fitness & Wellbeing.

TECH: Gaming (e-sports), Deep Tech, Data Analytics, E-commerce, Agro-tech, Clean/Green Tech. 

The services we provide: 

Corporate Services:

  • Apply for the approval of the company’s name, liaise with the Commercial Companies Registry Office to obtain the respective approval and obtain a company’s name certificate
  • Prepare the company’s by-laws / incorporation deed
  • Assist with the appointment of an accountant to handle all the company’s affairs
  • Open a bank account on behalf of the company-to-be and deposit the share capital
  • Execute the incorporation deed and register the company with the relevant authorities (including tax authorities and social security)
  • Appoint the director(s) of the company and enroll him / them in the social security system or apply for an exemption (depending on the applicable option)
  • Register the ultimate beneficial owner(s) with the relevant authorities
  • Drafting of shareholders' agreements, if applicable

Tax Services:

  • Comparative analysis of the vehicles available, in Portuguese tax legislation, for the incorporation of the structure (company vs. freelancer) and presentation of the framework applicable to the selected vehicle
  • Comparative analysis of the mechanisms available for funding the company (e.g. shareholders’ loans, supplementary capital contributions, others) in coordination with the mechanisms for subsequent shareholder remuneration (e.g. dividends, interest, etc.)
  • Review, from a tax perspective, of the company’s incorporation documents
  • Indication of the tax framework applicable to loan agreements

IP / TMT Services:

  • Legal analysis of the project concerning authorship rights and industrial property rights
  • Set of measures for the legal protection of the intellectual property rights
  • Initial bundle of template agreements for license / maintenance / developments (professional collaboration)
  • Elaboration of set of clauses to be integrated in the employment and services provision agreements concerning ownership and title over intellectual property rights
  • Optional: Bundle on GDPR compliance including questionnaire and report on necessary measures for compliance, elaboration of internal records and set of initial policies and notices

Labour Services:

  • Best hiring strategies
  • Structuring of labour and provision of services contracts
  • Provide legal assistance in regard of initial labour obligations
  • Flexible working hours arrangements
  • Devising remuneration and benefits packages to attract talent
  • Protection of confidential information and proprietary rights
  • Drafting and implementing mandatory and highly recommended policies
  • Determining applicable collective regulations instruments
  • Provide training on labour compliance

Finance Services:

  • Legal assessment of the financing options according to the company’s business and growth plans (Venture Capital, bank loans, IPO, etc.)
  • Structuring, design and implementation of the chosen financing path