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+25 anos de experiência

Sérvulo: A highly specialised business partner

Driven by knowledge.

SÉRVULO is a full service law firm, with a presence in several latitudes, recognised for the quality of the legal services it provides.

SÉRVULO is a Portuguese full-service law firm with 25 years of existence, which occupies a leading position in the Portuguese legal market. Recognized for the quality of its legal services in all relevant areas of law and strategic sectors, SÉRVULO has a highly competent multidisciplinary team of more than 100 lawyers, motivated by a single purpose: to transform academic research and accumulated knowledge in the design of sound legal solutions, thus creating added-value for its clients. SÉRVULO is trusted by a vast number of the main private and public entities, both domestic and international, in the Portuguese-speaking legal markets and in all the most significant economic sectors. It houses a roster of lawyers that are fully capable of facing all of the challenges that may arise at any time and in any field of the Law.

Certified Training

Recognized as a Certified Training Entity by the Directorate-General for Employment and Labour Relations, SÉRVULO combines solid experience with a recognised quality training offering in various areas of law. The scope of the training covers not only traditional topics, but also innovative subjects brought about by technological and social change, that often require original reflections and multidisciplinary combinations.

With a team of lawyers and consultants with teaching experience from the main Portuguese universities, SÉRVULO is positioned as a partner of excellence in the design and implementation of internal and external training programmes, tailored to each organisation and its graduates. 

SÉRVULO's official certification as a Training Entity is a result of the high technical standards practiced, as well as the logistics management associated with the programme.

The academic offering is theoretical and practical in nature, and is intended for individuals or legal entities, from the most diverse areas of activity.

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Governance Structure

SÉRVULO considers its management model to be a key component of its overall operation as a means of ensuring transparency and efficiency. In keeping with best practice principles, the firm appoints a President of the Administrative Board alongside a Managing Partner: the President of the Administrative Board presides over the General Assembly and the Administrative Board; the Managing Partner presides over the Executive Committee, which comprises three members.

The firm’s administrative structure is complemented by a number of internal portfolios overseen by partners and associates, and which focus on business development, international relations, conflicts of interest, knowledge management, human resources, assessment, IT and social responsibility.

Sérvulo Social Responsability

In 2015, SÉRVULO began a new chapter in its commitment to social responsibility: the creation of RSSÉRVULO, which defines the firm’s social responsibility strategy, and the joining of GRACE (Corporate Social Responsibility, or Empresas Responsáveis in Portuguese) were two highly significant milestones. In what is an area of growing importance, RSSÉRVULO defines four strands of activity: pro bono legal support; volunteering; promoting gender equality and institutional participation in charitable initiatives.

All contact regarding this area should be directed to the Social Responsibility Committee via the email

Strands of activity:
  • Pro bono legal support: In general terms, this involves providing legal support to disadvantaged communities to ensure that their basic rights are respected. In this regard, SÉRVULO strives to offer as much constitutional support as possible to Third Sector entities, operating as an incubator for such organisations and supporting projects that provide training to individuals and have a multiplying value effect.
  • Volunteering: Members of SÉRVULO have participated in numerous voluntary activities over the years. The firm currently provides weekly support to Refood Misericórdia (which redistributes leftover restaurant food to the needy), takes part in GRACE’s annual volunteering programme (a day of activities known as the GIRO) and promotes various spontaneous initiatives.
  • Promoting gender equality: As a member of iGen - Equality Organizations Forum, SÉRVULO adopted a set of measures aimed at reinforcing and highlighting the principle of equality between women and men at work .
  • Institutional support: SÉRVULO is one of 13 law firms that back social projects through Rock’n’Law. The firm also promotes at least one annual solidarity campaign in benefit of a chosen institution.

Where possible, SÉRVULO seeks to apply its social responsibility principles in its day-to-day business dealings, not least by promoting diversity and environmental sustainability, and by donating equipment to charity organisations.