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Private Clients / Wealth Management

Driven by Knowledge.

SÉRVULO has extensive experience in advising individual clients in such diverse topics as investment portfolios, relocation, visas and succession planning.

In today's global and complex world, we all need legal support in multiple aspects of our lives, such as:

1. Wealth Management:

When making investments, it is crucial to be aware of the applicable legal and tax framework to safeguard and maximize potential gains, especially if the investments in question occur in other jurisdictions. SÉRVULO has accumulated years of experience advising clients in structuring and managing their investment portfolios in various sectors, including in real estate transactions, as well as in the financial market, with investments for instance in complex financial products, such as unit-linked insurance, Notes, ETFs and derivatives.

2. Structuring of family investments:

A good initial investment can, over the years, turn into a vast family estate. In the case of a family investment, according to our experience, its structure grows with the development of investments and there is a moment when a reevaluation of the existing structure is recommended, with a view to increasing its organization, maximizing its efficiency and potentially also aiming at succession planning. SÉRVULO has extensive experience supporting family investments, advising, from the outset, on the most appropriate investment structure, from a corporate, financial and tax perspective, as well as in the restructuring of existing family groups, suggesting changes in the structure according to the intended objectives.

3. Succession planning:

Portuguese society increasingly assumes the relevance of succession planning in life. Thus, SÉRVULO’s assistance is recurrent, both from a legal and tax standpoint, in the preparation of the succession, either from the perspective of individuals, or from the perspective of families with assets that intend to safeguard their future. This planning is crucial when transferring residence to Portugal or to another country, and may involve analyzing the law applicable to the succession and potentially existing options for those who change their residence.

4. Visas and residence permits:

Living in Portugal requires obtaining a valid visa to this end and, once in the country, a residence permit. Those just looking to invest in Portugal - or, eventually, also living and working herein - may opt for the Golden Visa, which provides a wide variety of investment options, and which can be converted into a permanent residence permit in Portugal or Portuguese citizenship after 5 years, provided that the respective requirements are fulfilled. SÉRVULO has accumulated a vast experience advising clients identifying the most adequate visa to apply for, as well as accompanying the application process and subsequent stages, namely for permits and nationality applications.

5. Nationality:

Portugal has witnessed a significant and consistent rise in the number of foreign citizens whom are applying for Portuguese nationality, either because they are descendants of original Portuguese citizens, or because they are benefiting from Portugal’s Residency Programme (commonly known as “Golden Visa”). A new legal framework has been put in place which effectively widens the avenues of acquiring Portuguese nationality, not only by simplifying the actual process, but also by qualifying more individuals as eligible to acquire Portuguese nationality.

6. Non-Habitual Residents’ Regime:

Portugal introduced an attractive tax regime for individuals who decide to settle down in the country, whereby foreign income may, as a general rule, benefit from a tax exemption or reduction in Portugal, for a maximum period of ten years. Its application is often also associated with the evaluation and possible restructuring of the assets of NHR beneficiaries prior to the transfer of their residence to Portugal, together with estate management, structuring of family investments and, even, succession planning.

SÉRVULO has extensive experience in advising private clients in need of specialised legal advice, also working with its associated firms in other jurisdictions to provide a comprehensive and bespoke service to international clients and domestic clients with investments outside Portugal.

Foreign Desks

For our international clients, we have created a set of Foreign Desks, which provide a bespoke service to clients from various countries. Our Desks are made up of multidisciplinary teams of lawyers fluent in a variety of languages and operate in a logic of integrated services (full service).