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Practice Area Real Estate, Urban Planning and Environmental Law

SÉRVULO has broad experience spanning all areas of real estate, urban planning and environmental law. The department is particularly strong advising on real estate transactions and assisting clients with due diligence and the structuring of financial operations. The team is likewise adept in handling project design, programming and urban space management, and drafting contracts for the management of commercial and tourism projects.

The firm is also well-versed in advising real estate investment funds and property development and tourism companies in regards to structuring and regulatory matters, and in providing them with day-to-day counsel.

In terms of urban planning and environmental law, the team has considerable experience providing zoning advice to clients and counselling on the administration of urban real estate transactions, related commercial activities, expropriation procedures and the demarcation, development and deployment of assets in the public domain.

SUB-AREAS Real Estate, Urban Planning and Environmental Law

SÉRVULO’s real estate department comprises a multi-disciplined team accustomed to handling high-end real estate transactions. The firm is well-practised at providing legal advice on urban planning procedures and in developing corporate frameworks to suit particular real estate investment transactions (e.g. real estate companies or real estate investment funds). The team also takes a hands-on role in counselling clients on the development of tourism, accommodation, commercial and industrial projects. Obtaining residence permits for investors through real estate investments is another forte.

The real estate team thus advises on matters as diverse as municipal, environmental and commercial licensing, the negotiation and realisation of real estate contracts (buy-and-sell and sale-and-leaseback in particular), rental agreements, retail contracts in shopping centres, construction work contracts, the regularisation of property registration, lotting, parcelling and reparcelling procedures, and the drafting of real estate finance transactions.

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Eduardo Gonçalves Rodrigues Manuel Magalhães Sofia Thibaut Trocado Verónica Fernández Carla Parreira Leandro Joana Pinto Monteiro

SÉRVULO has broad-ranging experience in advising on all legal matters related to territorial planning, the implementation of plans and the administration of urban real estate transactions and associated commercial activities.

In territorial planning, the team is especially well-practised in drafting and executing planning contracts and in devising land management frameworks for specified spaces, such as waterways and maritime areas. In the implementation of plans, the firm stands out for its expertise in formulating integrated multi-use programmes for urban municipal spaces, with respect to the transformation, rehabilitation and regeneration of individual plots as well as the area as a whole. On the administration side, the team has comprehensive knowledge of all the relevant administration and regularisation procedures that must be adhered to prior to, during and after development projects.

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Eduardo Gonçalves Rodrigues Manuel Magalhães Sofia Thibaut Trocado Verónica Fernández Carla Parreira Leandro Joana Pinto Monteiro Filipa Névoa

The department provides comprehensive advice to ensure clients comply with all aspects of environmental legislation and fulfil their environmental responsibilities. Thus the team provides due diligence analysis, environmental law compliance assessments and regular counsel concerning industry procedures and policy.

SÉRVULO has gained considerable environmental law experience working on projects in the water, waste and energy sectors. In water, the team has particular expertise handling water quality management programmes, while in regards to waste, the department is well-versed in collection, treatment and evaluation procedures. On the energy front, the firm has an exceptional overall command of environmental regulation (e.g. environmental impact assessments and risk and implication analysis in regards to environmental incidents) and specific expertise relating to the energy sector (e.g. issues connected to the use of water resources, CO2 geological storage and licensing for greenhouse gas emissions).

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Eduardo Gonçalves Rodrigues Manuel Magalhães Sofia Thibaut Trocado Rui Medeiros Verónica Fernández Carla Parreira Leandro Joana Pinto Monteiro Filipa Névoa