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Portugal 20-30

Driven by Knowledge.

In the current global context, economic operators require specialised assistance to learn about new legislative, state and community developments, which will enable them to capitalise on the opportunities generated by a new financial framework to support the business sector and overcome the current challenges.

The transformation triggered by COVID-19 has created challenges but also several opportunities for economic operators. The urgency of economic recovery and the European funding offer a range of opportunities for business recovery, restructuring and reinvention. SÉRVULO’S Portugal 20-30 legal service helps organisations to navigate the post-pandemic legal implications and to readjust, recover and renew their services in the  new global context, as well as preparing them for the "Next Generation Europe", shaped by the environmental objectives of carbon neutrality, digital transition and sustainable development, in close collaboration with our services of ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) and COVID-19: Legal Support to Companies

Looking to the future, we anticipate that this crisis will also operate as an accelerator of change, namely in the normalization of telework (which in itself poses relevant legal challenges), promoting scientific and technological advances and fostering a new digital era. The consequences are likely to result in a reordering of public policy priorities and a significant change in relations between individuals, businesses and states. The transition period will raise several issues for investors, business and society in a short space of time which require a quick and appropriate response. A new balance will be established between privacy and personal data issues, rights, freedoms and guarantees and public health.

Even the most consolidated companies in the market, in the light of this new global context, face unforeseen challenges. New opportunities will arise as a result of new European Union funds, new business areas and public aid increasingly mobilised by the Member States. Regulatory requirements will not be less and the need for transparency will be strengthened, which makes personalized and specialised monitoring of economic operators crucial in order to navigate through the new state and community legislation, enabling them to capitalise on opportunities and overcome the challenges of this  new global context. From the post-COVID recovery to the digital transition, from the implementation of the European Green Deal to the next "Portugal 2020-2030", SÉRVULO’s legal service Portugal 20-30 has a highly qualified and experienced multidisciplinary team prepared to help our clients businesses adjust to the new global paradigm formed by Diogo Feio (pivot), Sofia Carreiro, Miguel Gorjão Henriques, Ana Luisa Guimarães, Francisco Boavida Salavessa, Margarida Costa Gomes, Maria José Lourenço and Mariana Costa Pinto.