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Amendment to Regulation 255/2017 of 16 May


Statistical information to be reported to ANACOM by companies offering electronic communications network and service

On May 4, 2023, ANACOM approved the amendment to Regulation 255/2017 that defines the deadlines and periodicity of the statistical information to be provided to ANACOM by companies offering electronic communications networks and services (published in the DR on 06/06/2023, by Regulation No. 643/2023, June 6).

This new amendment introduced, in particular, four new requests for statistical information to be submitted:

  1. Offering/tariffs for electronic communications services: due from companies with a customer share of more than 5% in the last quarter of the previous calendar year.
  2. Premium channels: due by companies with a share of TVS subscribers exceeding 5% in the last quarter of the previous calendar year.
  3. 5G retail services
  4. Other complementary information

This change was essentially due to ANACOM's need to adapt existing definitions to current needs in view of the publication of the New Electronic Communications Law (Law no. 16/2022, of 16 August) and to create new indicators to monitor the sector's evolution. Additionally, with a view to monitoring the Social Internet Tariff, indicators on mobile roaming accesses in parishes were included.

These additional information requests were both included in pre-existing questionnaires (Annual Electronic Communications Questionnaire) and motivated the creation of autonomous questionnaires, namely the Quarterly Questionnaire on International Roaming per Parish and the Annual Questionnaire on Communications Services and Tariffs.

Lastly, ANACOM has also changed the questionnaire submission procedure, referring it to the Extranet platform which, in fact, is being implemented under Ministerial Order 77/2023 of 14 March (which implements the platform for the coverage of fixed and mobile electronic communications networks). In cases where the Extranet has not yet been made available by ANACOM, the old system of submitting questionnaires in electronic version to the address will be maintained.

Ana Mira Cordeiro |

Catarina Ferreira da Silva |

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