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The kick-off is on: proposal of Areas for Implementation of Offshore Renewable Projects open to public hearing


Today a preliminary proposal of the specialized areas for implementation of offshore renewable projects and containing the identified connection points to the National Transmission Grid was placed on public consultation. Comments from those interested in exercising their right to participate must be submitted by March 10, i.e. within 30 working days.

This kick-off does however have its antecedents. A goal of 10GW for offshore renewable energy by 2030 had already been set by the Prime Minister in June 2022 - at the United Nations Oceans Conference, held in Lisbon - in close articulation with the goals set by the European Union for cutting emissions and for the growth of renewable energy, reinforced by REPowerEU plan. Subsequently, in September 2022 the Government created an inter-ministerial Working Group (that gathers representatives from the sea, energy and infrastructure areas) responsible for planning and operation of offshore renewable projects Order No. 11404/2022 of September 23rd.

This proposal complies with the Government’s determination (in the above mentioned Order No. 11404/2022) that the created Working Group should deliver, by December 31, 2022, a preliminary proposal of the areas where electric generators can be mounted on floating structures renewable in order to produce electricity from renewable sources. The proposal also follows the significant increase in interest in the exploration of renewable energy offshore in Portugal, as well as the fostering movement that has been driving the development of renewable energy, which have led the Government to announce that floating offshore wind auctions will be held until the end of September this year.

The draft that is now under public consultation is the result of a study aimed at identifying and delimiting the areas for the implementation of such projects, which are located off Viana do Castelo (expanding the existing area), off Leixões, Figueira da Foz, Ericeira and Sintra-Cascais, and Sines - whose selection was based on a set of criteria such as average wind speed, the wave energy resource, the distance from the coastline and the seabed. Any appreciations or comments on the choice of these sites shall be submitted by 10 March at

It is also important to remember that the implementation of these projects presupposes obtaining several rights and titles, according to the general applicable legislation, including, among others, (i) not only the connection point to the grid (RESP) that will be awarded in the auction announced by the Government, (ii)  a TUPEM, i.e. a title that will allow the use of the public maritime space delimited for the implementation of the projects, whose attribution model is still being defined by the Working Group, in parallel with the attribution model of the necessary titles of reserve capacity for injection into the grid (TRC), (iii) the applicable environmental authorizations and (iv) a production license. 

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