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Sérvulo in the World

While remaining an independent Portuguese law firm, SÉRVULO ensures a global reach in the provision of its legal services through: (i) the network of bilateral partnerships it has established with leading law firms in strategic jurisdictions, SÉRVULO LATITUDE⦵, (ii) being a member of three international law firm networks, and (iii) its Foreign Desks, which provide a bespoke service to clients from various countries.

SÉRVULO LATITUDE⦵ is a multilateral network that reflects a concept of proximity between leading law firms in Portuguese-speaking jurisdictions, based on mutual trust and a flexible and non-exclusive bond that simultaneously reflects a “best friends” relationship, together with the autonomy and independence of each firm.

This network of law firms spread across the globe's latitudes is based on the idea that closer relationships between firms will increase each other's reach, thereby strengthening the brand value of each member of the network.

The objective is to serve our clients and advise potential investors in an integrated manner in a set of strategic jurisdictions where SÉRVULO LATITUDE⦵ is present: Portugal, the Autonomous Regions of Madeira and the Azores, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde, São Tomé and Príncipe, Macao and East Timor.

Assuming the internationalisation of their legal services as a common strategic objective, SÉRVULO LATITUDE⦵ members seek to position themselves within a global economy as a privileged channel in trade relations between the Portuguese-speaking countries, from the Atlantic to the Pacific and Indian oceans, spanning four continents - Africa, America, Asia and Europe.



Through this network, members of SÉRVULO LATITUDE⦵ accompany their clients in some of their largest and most complex operations throughout various jurisdictions. Physical barriers will no longer exist. Proximity to the client and ease of contact are therefore fully assured. The service has global reach but operates at a local level.


SÉRVULO LATITUDE⦵ members benefit from the prestige of their associates’ brands within this network, gaining greater notoriety and visibility with the aim to provide legal services in multi-jurisdictional and particularly complex matters, where they would not be able to advise alone. SÉRVULO LATITUDE⦵ undoubtedly represents a factor of increased competitiveness for the firms that are part of this alliance, allowing great versatility in the provision of legal services and the ability to respond to virtually any technical-legal challenge posed to its members.


SÉRVULO LATITUDE⦵ guarantees and preserves the identity of each of its members, who work together using a one-stop-shop philosophy, without losing the identity of each law firm.


The provision of legal services as part of a network enables supreme quality. SÉRVULO LATITUDE⦵'s raison d´être is understanding that its members can only provide high quality legal services in matters involving other jurisdictions if they are equipped with the local knowledge of each region and country’s legal framework and associated with local firms.